Swing Republic is the side project of a Danish producer, musician and DJ who has who has had several European number 1s and even one platinum album in Germany under a variety of guises. He was one of the original pioneers of the electro swing sound but proved to be so far ahead of his time that his album was shelved and unreleased by his then label.

Various tracks - including 'On The Downbeat' (incidentally the first swing tune he ever produced) - were licensed to several 'retro' compilations from 2006 onwards. One such compilation came to the attention of Freshly Squeezed who, while hunting tunes to license for the White Mink series, discovered an amazing, timely and unreleased debut album.

This was to become the album 'Electro Swing Republic'.


After releasing the free christmas download "Boogie Woogie Santa" and the 12" sampler EP in late 2010 Swing Republic were voted "ones to watch in 2011" by an on-line world-wide People's Poll.

"Holy Shit. This is the one. I've felt it building over the last three years with Kormac, Makala, Palov and Rube... but this is next level." (Jelly Jazz) red bottom heels for sale!

Following the success of the Electro Swing Republc album in 2011, the band were joined by Danish jazz singer Karina Kappel. They can been seen live around the UK and Europe and may be booked through their agency Finger Lickin Management.