In 2005, when Club M retired (while still going strong), Freshly Squeezed was born, taking over admin of the back catalogue and broadening the artist roster, while releasing a second artist album from Lemon and music from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet and The Pinker Tones amongst others.

With eclectic and individual artists like Don Air, Dodo, Stereo de Luxe and Lodekka all subsequently putting out quirky left-field retro-influenced pop albums on Freshly Squeezed, the label soon scored an MTV Dance top ten video (Hot Trap by Product.01) while the "Eclectrik" label sampler album was nominated one of the "best records of 2007" by Bearded Magazine, "Future cult classics" said
The Independent.

In addition to these successes, after a run of high-profile synch licenses, 2007 saw the launch of a sister publishing company. During the year Freshly Squeezed music accompanied several major Hollywood films (including Knocked Up and The Heartbreak Kid), sound-tracked numerous TV shows, most notably Ugly Betty (7 times over), became an MTV theme tune, and appeared in several ads and many TV shows. Tracks also featured in games like LittleBIGplanet on the SONY PlayStation and on many more third party compilations.