DESCRIPTION: " 'The Greatest' is a fusion of vintage swing and hip-hop"

Marcella Puppini is the founder of chart-topping harmony trio The Puppini Sisters with whom she sold over half a million CDs and has been touring Europe and the US almost continuously for the last 10 years.

Marcella has always been difficult to pigeonhole: a Central St Martins art-school graduate who left a stellar fashion career at Vivienne Westwood to re-train at Trinity College of Music; a pioneer of Vintage when it was still underground; a face as recognisable on the Steampunk and Alternative Indie scene as on the BBC.

Now Marcella is showing a darker side: 'The Greatest' is a fusion of vintage swing and hip-hop. A fresh collaboration featuring R.A The Rugged Man (who has previously worked with Wu Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G, Chuck D, Public Enemy & more...)