DESCRIPTION: “Massive debut album from Palermo’s finest”

Swingrowers are from Palermo in Sicily and aim to take vintage swing, and with respect and nurture, breathe new life into an old tradition. It’s with their Fresh and yet somehow innately Italian musicianship, combined with the sharp, progressive, but completely sympathetic production style of Roberto that creates the unique sound of the Swingrowers.

Vocalist Loredana Grimaldi and DJ / Producer Roberto Costa (AKA ‘Pisk’ - A local drum and bass hero on the Sicilian free-party scene) are joined in their live incarnation by a 'Manouche' guitar player from the local old-boy jazz big band with which Loredana sings in their home town.

With the help of manager Giulio Castronovo, within a few short months of their inception the duo began touring Europe to play famous clubs like London’s Hootananny and Paris’s La Javà - Performing on the same stage as Edith Piaf and Django Reinhardt. And now their hard work has culminated in this exceptional album.