DESCRIPTION: "Brazilian trio Shaka release their worldwide debut EP 'Spacefunk' on UK based pioneer label Freshly Squeezed. "

Direct from the plush exotica of São Paulo on the Brazilian east coast comes this minimal electronic offering that is hard to pigeon-hole but never-the-less reflects the colourful life beside the 21st century Atlantic Rainforest.

Soulful vocals, tasty guitar licks and honky tonk piano riffs share space with glitchy drum beats, fat basslines and warped synths - all cut up, shuffled around and moulded back together again into a brilliant and uniquely different but coherent sound. We at Freshly Squeezed really believe this new production team are ‘ones-to-watch' and are really excited to see how they develop. We are confident you will find their debut EP a real grower… and stay tuned for the surprise closer, 'Am I Wrong' (available only as part of the bundle on Bandcamp)… are we wrong? I don’t think so!