Stereo de Luxe are two Berlin producers, guitarist Tom Krimi and writer/DJ Kassi. Together they collaborate intermittently with various singers and musicians including vocal-juggler Hartmut Lippstueck, Agent Annie and Sol. They produce a tight, highly polished, funky and somehow very German sound.

Back in 1994, Stereo de Luxe began life in the newly re-united Berlin where DJ Kassi gave audiences the nightclub soundtrack to experience the rediscovered and constantly evolving German "Hauptstadt" by. Kassi went on to tour under the name Stereo de Luxe across Germany, the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the US spreading the message of unity at a plethora of hip international clubs.

In 1998 Stereo de Luxe finally became a duo with the arrival of Tom Krimi. Together they recorded the highly acclaimed album Glam-o-Rama on Germany's Bungalow Records. A track from the album even found its way onto a compilation by Freshly Squeezed boss Nick Hollywood for his former label Club Montepulciano.


Further sporadic releases followed on Freddy Fresh's Howlin Records (USA), Plastic Raygun (UK), Escalator (Japan) and Pussycats (Spain) amongst many others. When Kassi recently relocated to London he unexpectedly found himself DJing the same club as Nick from Freshly Squeezed. A deal was swiftly forged and new and unreleased material by Stereo de Luxe was snapped up to form the basis of their EP series on Freshly Squeezed.

Kassi continues to travel the globe DJing of tech-house, electro-funk and breakbeat or touring with his rock-band Electric Airline. Tom Krimi has been laying down tracks for his first solo-album. In between all this, they occasionally meet up in their studio in a disused Berlin factory and forge new beats, vibes and sounds for Stereo de Luxe. Their sound has found particular favor in film, TV and games soundtracking everything from a Nike commercial to LittleBIGplanet on the Sony Playstation.